Save Money

Members benefit significantly through the buying power NIIPC membership brings. Past bid allowances have averaged about 9% overall, with some bid allowances saving over 35%. In past bids, members have received substantial savings on products such as bottled water, soda crackers, and bagels—items they order (and sell) in high quantities. And as a member, you’ll finally have a chance to use all of your commodities, meaning less waste and more choice for your district.

And bid allowances are only one way you’ll save. You’ll also receive rebates you might not have qualified for before as a single buyer, not to mention what you might save when the NIIPC bid is compared to your current bid. NIIPC also enjoys direct-to-manufacturer prices on some items, saving your district even more.


Save Time

With NIIPC, experts prepare a unified bid, and make sure it complies with all government regulations. Some members have said that the time they save in bid preparation alone is worth the cost of membership.

In addition, our distributor tracks most rebates, eliminating the need for you to fill out and send rebate forms and deposit rebate checks—the rebates are automatically credited to your district’s account with the distributor.

NIIPC can also save time by providing cycle menus. We’ve coordinated these menus with the bid items that offer the best value to you and to those you serve. In addition, NIIPC can provide nutritional analyses, to help your district reach its nutritional goals.


Power in Numbers

Not only do you benefit by saving time and money, you also become a part of a powerful negotiating team. By attending meetings regularly, you’ll be able to learn from more experienced food service professionals, share your experience and concerns with people who can make a difference, and offer input that might directly affect the bid—you bid, your savings on the products you buy.

You’ll have the opportunity to attend at least three meetings a year:

• one in the summer, where we talk directly to the distributor (this one is mandatory for members);

• one in the spring/summer/fall/winter, where we meet to share marketing ideas and strategies and learn about joint promotion opportunities;

• one in the spring/summer/fall/winter, where we taste and evaluate new products;

• other meetings we hold as desired on a variety of timely informational and issue-based topics

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