Most Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to purchase products I currently use?
Yes, even if an item is not on the bid, you can purchase it using the fixed fee set for that product group.

Will I be required to purchase from only one distributor?
No, the bid is awarded to a primary distributor. Members may have a secondary vendor. Member districts are required to purchase at least 80% of their items from the primary distributor. 

How are service problems handled?
While individual districts resolve problems as they occur, we ask that they send a report to the co-op quality control chair so tracking can be done on service levels. Those issues can then be discussed at mandatory meeting.

Will there still be contact with salespeople?
Yes, if you wish. Contact with the distributor's sales staff is based on each district's individual preference.

Must I put all my items on the bid?
No. For example, some members bid produce weekly with local merchants.

How much time will each district spend on the process of bidding?
As much or as little as you want; there are subcommitties that work on the bid, and you're welcome to join in. Only the annual mandatory meeting is required.

How are decisions made?
Most decisions are made by consensus of members attending the meeting at which the issue is presented.

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